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Spray for instant protection


Personal protection against airborne infections on airline flights, ocean cruises and general travel. Have you ever been on a plane or a train or boat and heard someone coughing or sneezing?


  • BodyGuard Travel can be taken on the plane with you.


  • A combination of pure water oxygen and charged silver ions, BGT can safely be sprayed onto the face, in eyes, into the throat, up the nose and on the ears. 


  • Spray on your hands after leaving the bathroom and before food.


BodyGuard Travel contains only pure water, oxygen, and charged silver ions and does not contain any nanoparticles (metal colloids), fillers, stabilisers or chemicals of any sort.


BodyGuard Travel for peace of mind.


BodyGuard Travel Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

BodyGuard Lab Report June 17 (PDF)


View SGS Independent Bacteria Test Report


View or download brochure


BodyGuard is certified Hypo-allergenic and is safe to spray on skin and unlikely to produce any allergic reactions. View certificate


BodyGuard Travel 100ml


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