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Does Fulvic Acid Help with Weight Loss?

Many factors contribute to our body weight – the food we eat, our genetic disposition, and various psychological variables.

Fulvic acid has been an essential nutrient in our diet for millennia and was readily available in abundance in the rich topsoil in which food was grown.

Unfortunately, modern farming techniques have caused the depletion of this rich natural source in the soil to be almost non-existent. Together with our reliance on processed or convenient forms of food intake, our nutrition is less balanced which has a negative impact on our weight.

Luckily, not all is lost.

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It works where needed

Fulvic acid is great to seek out the support systems in the body where it is most needed. This includes proper gut functioning, improved digestion, and hones in on muscles and nerves, thus supporting the cardiovascular system.

Improves nutrient intake

One of the main reasons behind weight gain is the lack of nutrients which is common in the diet of many of us. The body automatically responds by consuming more to match the nutrient intake needed, hence weight gain. By concentrating on nutritious food intake, coupled with fulvic acid supplements, the body can better digest much-needed nutrients, which will lead to less food intake and can assist in weight loss.

Source of energy

If you have ever taken fulvic acid supplements, you will recall that surge of energy you felt. That is because fulvic acid provides so much tangible energy, which usually translates into exercise or being active and losing weight as a result.

Thyroid support

Fulvic acid supports thyroid functioning and is therefore a great supplement to take for those suffering from being overweight due to an inactive thyroid.

Detoxification properties

Toxins are a major culprit in the obesity pandemic of today. They are abundant in processed foods and inadequate food packaging materials. The toxins accumulate in fat tissue and even in your liver leading to a whole set of different problems!

Fulvic is one of the smallest but most complex substances on earth that can penetrate a cell to transfer nutrients and remove toxins.

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