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What is Ionic Silver?

Rice university proved this in 2012 with the statement ‘Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria’

Does Ionic Silver bind with chloride in the body and become inert?

Colloidal silver is composed of both silver metal particles (colloids) and charged silver ions.

According to the manufacturers of Colloidal Silver, it is a matter of ratio.

By that, it is implied that if a product has a greater percentage of silver in the elemental or colloidal form it is Colloidal Silver, and if most of the of silver is in the ionic form, then that is called Ionic Silver.

This can be confusing because both products are actually Colloidal Silver with different ratios between ions and particles.

This is their theory:

As soon as the charged silver ions come into contact with the salts in your body, they lose their charge, form an insoluble silver salt and can no longer kill bacteria. However, the tiny pieces of metal (colloids) in Colloidal Silver are not affected by the body salts and so they can go on to kill bacteria.

This is inaccurate because science has conclusively proven that it is the charged silver ions that have anti-microbial properties and not the inert metal (Colloids).

Rice university proved this in 2012 with the statement ‘Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria’

So, the question of whether it is the silver ions or the colloids (particles of silver metal) in Colloidal Silver that kill germs, has now finally been settled.

How does HealthWest Ionic Silver work?

Microbial cells have a sophisticated internal electrical system that they use in all of their life processes.

Charged silver ions have the ability to disrupt this process and to prevent these micro-organisms from conducting electricity.

This makes them unable to function and so they collapse and die.

All the silver in HealthWest Ionic Silver is in this charged ionic form and does not contain any particles of metal, which have obvious health concerns, or any other contaminants and is absolutely pure.

It has an inbuilt delivery system that shields these charged silver ions from body salts enabling them to be delivered intact and fully charged to where they are needed.

HealthWest sets a new standard

Healthwest has set a new standard in the making of Ionic Silver and for over 20 years has been manufacturing this unique product with world-wide sales and proven efficacy. A health products that work.

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